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    Sunday, 21 October 2007

    Once again, I'm undefeatable !

    Haha. I feel so satisfied with myself.

    I washed both my parent's cars today.
    Really tiring.

    Before you wash the car, you will be like..

    : Wash car only what. what's the big deal?

    HAha. Seriously.. You must try doing it and you will feel what's the big deal about washing car.
    Totally can burn fats la.

    If i continue to wash their car everyday, i will sure lose weight. LOL !
    Lucky my brother and his friends are out. If not, i must wash his car too.

    Hahaha. Really nice, So satisfised =))

    Ahh. My house is almost finished renovating.
    Now working on the last few parts only;
    My dad is making a fountain. Yea. By himself.
    The water is flowing already, he's trying to make smoke come out from the bloody fountain.
    Haha. Damn toot.

    The workers are working on the grass patch and the vege garden.
    Grass patch is alright. Vege garden?
    HAha. Yups. My mother keeps a vege garden by herself. It's actually half vege and half fruits.

    I'm not sure what she's going to grow this time. Last time was..

    chilli padi, kang kong, herb, cucumber and i think.. sweet potato?

    Fruits, we have sugar cane, papaya and.. mango? I'm not sure.


    There's 8 houses in my street.
    They are facing each other, so it's 4 , 4 .

    __3____ ___4____

    ___1___ ___2____

    Can imagine? mine is the 4th.
    We are all very competitive neighbours.

    When one changes a car, the other will do the same. and all..

    number 3 and number 4 stayed there longest.
    number 2 moved in 3 years ago.
    And number 1 just moved in 1 year ago or so.

    When number 1 moved in, they re-built the whole house.
    Making it look like a Giant's house. Super kiasu la.
    Their main gate is like.. SO BIG. and their NUMBER 1 Tag is like SUPER BIG too.
    (I'll show you when my house is done. i'll show all the houses)

    And cos of that, number 2 went to renovate their garden too.

    After few months, which is few months ago, my dad decided to renovate our house too.
    The reason is actually vERY VERY simple.

    My brother room's ceiling is falling.
    And his door officially broke down.
    the cause of it breaking down is actually him and my sister.

    Few years ago they fought. And they pratically tore the door into half. TORE. YEs.
    Both pulling at opposite sides .

    Ok. And so. my dad say, since we are renovating, we might as well do it once and for all.
    Hahaha. And ta da. We renovated EVERYTHING. My room became 2 in 1.
    My room and the music room is combined together.

    The side balcony became a music room.
    All tiles are changed.

    All toilets are FULLY renovated. LIKE HOTEL LA. Honest ! No booasting.
    Hahah. Shall show next time.

    Then.. Yea. POrch and all. super cool . Maybe minus my dad's fountain.
    I'm not really fond of the fountain. it looked weird. well . it's not mine. who cares. HAHA.

    Ahh. and my mum installed a spotlight above the porch JUST LIKE Number 3's house.

    Just that our spotlight is sharper.


    Super funny la. When i saw the spotlight.. i'm like..

    And all gave me innocent looks. =/

    Okok. Today was really nice . No one disturb me. No one argue with me. Haha.

    And my brother's friends are once again, nice.

    They taught me a new card game call Bridge. Super cool la.
    And yea, we played mahjong whole night. (yesterday)

    I did try to start on the rpws blog, got the informations i need. Just need a little more understand of codes before i totally begin.

    it's not easy u know. Haha.

    Ahh. Oh. Today my piano teacher ask me to choose a piece that i would like to learn.
    I randomly picked <>> (Long version) by Jay Chou.
    And she said it will be the piece i'm performing at her concert.

    Haha. Was abit shocked at first, but it was alright. I guess it should be .

    So, yups. Busy few months ahead. Her concert is coming up around next month or december.
    will be looking at the piece next week. =))

    Life is definetly better. Thanks to all who wished me well. =)

    On Julia Quinn's 7th book now. - It's in His Kiss.

    Have fun all. ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;