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    Sunday, 9 September 2007

    AWW ~

    The Concert Ended with the loudest applause i have ever get so far.

    It was success. It was RWPS' first debut concert !

    There're mistakes here and there. But you cannot compare us with SP.

    Their freshman recruitment would be our total band strength already.

    Yas. It was nice. The concert is really nice.

    When u receive the applause, you know your efforts is worth it.


    Really thanks to EVERYONE that came to support ok !

    There's My family, My 348 girlfriends, My friends and My dear dear Juniors !

    My juniors sat on the first 3 rows. which took up about 30 seats, they kept shouting my name. SO paiseh =/ Although it was nice of them to do so la. but... it's weird. hahaha.

    REALLY thanks to you all ok !

    My phone was dead early in the morning. No idea why.
    I remember i charged it the night before. but .. HAha. who knows what happened.

    So i can't take picture with it at all. saddening.

    So i'm depending on everyone else that took pictures.

    First of all.

    Ta DA !

    Concert Programme booklets ~

    I really took quite a few home.
    I love concert booklets. Really like them. no idea why.

    Hm. Next will be. ME. Haha. PIcture of me.

    Abit different from usual. My sister helped me with the make up.

    Then then..

    Full band during concert. -By Rachael.

    I see someone.

    Okays. Next is ..

    Let me see. So.. That's, Patricia, Yani, Sandy, Fi, Me and Jasmine. ~

    Hehs. abit blur ah.

    Hehs. Actually there's more pictures, but it's with SJ.

    SJ is sick. I think it's from the concert. Too tired and all.

    SJ Get well soon ok !

    Okays okays.. well well.

    Wilbur gave me flowers ! Woo !

    But that's not any big news or smth. Cos he gave me 2 stalks only =/

    Blah. HAhaha.

    I felt weird holding the 2 stalks of flowers la. So i gave one to CPC.

    CPC is my dear 4 days love.
    Yea. We're officially dating.

    Then, holding 1 stalk of flower looks even odder.
    So i gave it to Enoch, who is already holding 1 stalk of rose.
    That makes it 2 stalks. So he can give it to another person or smth.

    Hahha. Then me and him took picture !

    Haha. ZOE, DUN cough. DUN twiddle your index fingers. DUN draw circles on the floor.

    hehe. Enoch held the flowers like he is giving it to me. =.=
    Then sandy say she will borrow us her flowers.

    Didn't expect Enoch to take it. But he did .. That's super funny.

    BEcause it became even weirder.

    What's even more worth laughing is.. Enoch is eating a lollipop. =/

    NOT that he Can't. Just.. Hahaha. he looks super kid la .. Zzz..

    Ahs. That was nice.

    I took pictures with WEiwei too.
    there's one that was nice. But Aizat and HuiCi came running across while taking the picture.
    so.. the picture is.. not that nice afterall.

    Then we took another one. Hm. From what i see in SJs' Camera..

    The Picture isn't that nice.

    Damn. HAHA. wasted la. was talking about this photo-taking thing with weiwei since like.. LOng ago ? zzz. Nah. NEver mind. Next time take again ba.

    The pictures are all with SJ. So i will post it when she recover and online.

    Then then. End of pictures from concert day.

    will post the rest when i get them. ^^

    Ahs. i forget to tell a amazing thing. On the concert day, my phone was dead. switched on the phone when i reached home. I received 15 messages. Woots. Never been so many for a long time for just a day before.

    Really thanks to those who smsed me lucks and sorry for not being able to reply. =)


    So so. Dennis went back to Sabah. My sis and I sent him off at the airport.

    That's me and him.


    Then after that, my sister went to this shop to fix her Saxophone.

    It's a new shop. So i took some pictures of the item there.


    Oh ya. Before i send Dennis to Airport, i had Piano lesson.

    I kept slapping myself to keep myself awake.

    My teacher got angry with me half asleep and not able to play..

    She suggest i go home.

    Yea. THat's what i'm thinking at the first place. LOL.

    Didn't want to go for the lesson at all. But was poured water by my father.

    Yes. POURED WATER. So well, yea. No choice.


    I guess this is all i have for this post.
    More pictures coming up ~ ^^

    Loves ~

    Good Night ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;