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    Friday, 14 September 2007

    Life is so Fragile.

    Few days ago, when i'm doing the RPWS scandals' post..

    A baby lizard fell on my leg.


    I screamed and anyhow-ly pushed it off my leg.

    I jumped on my bed. took my laptop, and ran to my dressing room.

    Crazy. Then i walked back into my room, the lizard is on the floor beside my bed.


    So i spent the night on my sisters' bed. (well, she's away.)

    The next morning, when i woke up, the first thing i did was to look for the lizard.
    So i created all sorts of noise to disturb the lizard.

    Yea. i saw it. On the wall, near my bed.

    Went to find a broom and a dustpan.

    When i came back.. IT IS GONE.

    woah. I thought it might fall from the ceiling again. So i ran out of the room..

    And never went back till night.

    I can feel it's still there. somewhere around. So i took my blanket..

    Gave it a hard shake, and took it to the dressing room with me.

    Yea. I slept on the sofa yesterday night.

    Actually i didn't want to.

    But thanks to SadiQ, who helped me with the research on how long can a lizard live without food.

    .. Thanks to him. i learn that, lizard can live up to days or even months without food.

    So i just spend the night on the sofa.

    Bad experience. DON'T try it.

    I woke up with a backache, cramped neck.

    Haha ! And i decided to really chase that lizard out of my room !

    so, i started making all sort of noise, pulling both my bed and my sister's bed away from the wall..

    And.. i almost fainted when i saw what i saw.

    The baby lizard is dead. It turned black..

    On the floor at the corner of the room. (just beside my sisters' bed)

    I screamed for my mother.. heh. that's the only thing i can think of at that moment.

    So.. my mother used few pieces of tissue paper and picked up the lizard. Gave it some prayers.. and i dun know what she did after that.

    Dustbin. OR maybe. Garden.

    well. my garden is still under renovation, so i think it's the dustbin.

    Sigh. Life is so fragile. The baby lizard is hatched. with no parents to feed it.

    It wondered in my room for so many days. It died.

    A picture of baby lizard :


    Just now. when i'm on the way home in my dad's car..
    There's this news. That made me really want to tell all people out there to really cherish their life..

    The news was..

    There's this accident as this place.

    The accident wasn't the main thing.

    It's about this lorry that carry pipes.
    Those really really long and thick and heavy pipes for making buildings.

    This lorry suddenly brake. Then the pipes fell backwards, off the lorry.

    It hit the front window of the car behind, broke the panel, went thru the driver.

    The driver was announced dead on the spot.

    He's a 38 years old Indian guy.

    There's always accidents going on.
    Because accidents are so often happening, we dun really care.

    But i felt a gush of pain when i heard the news.

    I started to think. 38 year old man.

    Should be married with kids. Indian guy. probably 2 kids.

    It's like. a woman is now widowed with 2 kids.

    Who is going to support them?

    Sigh. Life is so Fragile.

    I have friends who told me they want to die early, they think being alive is torture.

    But hey. There's so many people who would want to change their life with you ok !

    I believe that 38 year old indian guy. i'm sure he wants want to raise his kids up.
    see them graduate from university and get married off.

    I believe the baby lizard wants to get older and find a mating partner.

    I believe there's so many things to do that then to waste your time there thinking how you can die early.


    I'm someone who view life strongly.

    Today i was really sad. something bad happened to me.

    People starts telling me to "not do any foolish things ok?"

    argh. dun worry. The last thing i will do is to slast my wrist or eat colgate.

    I rather appreciate people telling me..
    " tomorrow will be a better day " or maybe " you still got me ".

    HAha. Anyways. My post is totally about telling you people how fragile is life.
    Live your life to the fullest every day !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;