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    Thursday, 13 September 2007



    No point warning. Because no matter what, you people will still scroll down ya?

    Anyways, to prevent people from saying i didn't warn, i shall warn.

    - WARNING -

    This post is totally my own creation.
    It may be hilarious, It may be hurting, It might somehow be nice.

    If you are not steady enough for jokes, you should leave now.

    - End of Warning -

    I still think no matter what, you people will still scroll down.


    Let me briefly tell you how it all happened.

    I was blog hopping. And the bloody idea struck on me. Somehow.

    I think i saved 30 over pictures over the blogs.

    And i made a mind-map from them.

    Well not A mind-map. i made 3, and i finally combined everything to 1.

    Here it is.

    Mind-map 1

    It's more like a Draft.

    Mind-map 2.

    slightly better than a draft..

    Mind-map 3.

    This was actually the final.. Until i realize i forgot to connect SOMEONE to SOMEONE.

    So, here's mind-map 4. THE FINAL ONE.

    TaDa !

    Well, you all dun have to look at the mind-map first.
    Because you all will be wondering what the heck is it.

    I think you all might need to refer to the mind-map AFTER the whole post.

    Cheers. Let us start with the REAL thing.

    HAha ! Jordan and Sherline. NO ONE WILL EVER THINK OF THIS.
    But seriously, the picture DOES look like wedding photo. TRUE?

    If only Jordan put his hand somewhere else. LOL.

    NExt is Sherline again. (aw, it is PURE coincidence.)

    Gabriel and Sherline. Ahhhs. I didn't do anything. =)

    We'll have more and more suprises.

    Phylis and Jasmine.. Something going on?

    Jasmine didn't respond at first...


    She did afterall.

    I wonder is there anything between Naf and Jasmine. wonder and wonder.. you'll know soon.

    A new rival for phylis?


    3 is a crowd. 4 is ? .. 2 pair of SANDALS. sandals DO come in pairs.

    Next comes a very innocent pair of....

    Friends i think..

    Definetly friends ! Cassandra is too sweet to be a scandal. ROAR.
    No choice, this is the only picture Cassandra is in. I HAVE TO post it.

    Hm. It's getting a little bored isn't it ?

    Chill chill. There's 20 + more pictures coming up.
    I HAVE to stop and talk once in a while. I AM the post-guide for the post.

    I think Jasmine is getting another scandal..

    So is Naf.

    2 on 1. THEY SHARE?
    Shee Rui, how is it going ? Hmm hmm.

    I think shee rui is irritated by all the loves.

    Do pick a better timing ya, girls ?

    And yes, i heard Gabriel and Jasmine is scandaling.

    Now i understand why...

    Now i understand why Gabriel is quite down that day.
    sigh -

    And Jasmine changed the situation super fast !

    Ta Da !

    Here's JAsmine. and.. NAF ? oh dear, i didn't draw a line for Gab and Naf.

    And.. Weiwei came into the picture ?

    Hmm.. can't blame him..

    Because.. They.. are.. also.... TOGETHER?!

    Ok ok. Enough of Jasmine. Too much spotlight on her might make her melt.
    (melt?.. dun ask me why. i just thought of it randomly.)

    Next comes a group of...


    aHAR. Another 2 on 1 situation.
    Well well. the author didn't realize Sarimahs' hand on Hirdas'.
    hm. you may elaborate it yourself.

    Next is a interval. A break for the eyes.

    I have totally no idea what's his hand for.
    But it seems interesting. So i just invented something for him.

    I don't think willie and sherline should count as a scandal.

    They looked more like Daddy and Mummy acting cute.

    I'm getting a little bored from the post already.

    I shouldn't have took so many pictures.

    Hm. Next is a pair that we know long ago..

    No suprise from this. They had been like that since.. Forever..

    Here comes something really frustrating.

    For this, you all dun have to understand why.
    I just want to show my love to you all.
    There ~ CPC. ^^

    I wonder is someone leaning too close?

    And so, our A.C.M saved the day..

    I'm happier with this picture.

    So. let's continue..

    I actually wondered for a bit. But i think i'll stick with No Doubt.
    SJ, you should really let ur hair down.
    And Sarimah.. Where's HuiCi?

    then then..

    Here comes Jasmine again.
    They seriously look very sweet.

    aw. we just reached halfed of the total pictures.

    The fun is just starting.. ^^


    Sarah/Shasha and JASMINE . again.

    Anyways. i think sadiQ will only respond to sarah/shasha with the clip on his hair.
    The other day when i'm trying to call him(without his clip, however hair is still tied up),
    he didn't respond to both shasha and sarah. i have to try so many different names to get his attention. And yea. in the end.. he responded to SadiQ.

    OH yea. i'm also wondering what's with Jasmine and SadiQ. Because i thought sadiQ is with Gabriel ? Omg. This is confusing.

    Next is a calm one. Because i believe i'll be killed by Hafiz if i comment about it.

    There. Nothing much. Just Friends.

    I have also no idea what's with Sarimah..

    The other day when i commented that CPC and I might not last as i kept seeing her with other 2 girls, namely Vanessa and Daziree, Sarimah offered that she will be my next love. LOL !

    By the way, that's Sarimah with Sandy ~

    Next is abit scary thou.

    And i shall not comment on it. NOT a bit.

    Ok. NOT commenting.

    After the next picture.. The fun is really coming..

    I have no idea why i saved this picture.
    Totally the last to choose as a pair of Scandal.

    But they look nice. sweet.

    So i just thought i will post them out for fun.

    The next picture is really cute. In a way..

    yes. Jasmine will be there.

    If i'm a outsider.. I would probably think..
    Willie kept that Tuba with him to prevent Gabriel from going near Jasmine.
    To prevent him to stuff Gabriel into the tuba. =/

    The next picture would be totally for Jasmine and Gabriel.

    Laughing Out Loud. HAHAHHAHAHA.

    Next is a weird one.

    Most probably dancing. ^^

    Something fishy with the next picture.

    If you were to take a close look. (which cannot be done in my blog, because the pictures can't be clicked.) You can spot the 2 Guys wearing Something on their hand.. that is the same.

    DO wonder what it mean. DO WONDER. =)

    Next is just dragging PAtricia into the crowd.

    Other than that.. It's actually nothing at all. Because Aizat and Darul is nothing new.

    And. Couple wear is still in the trend.

    Sweet ya ~
    weiwei, you're lucky. =)

    aw aw. There actually no link from me to anyone.
    But eggs would be thrown before anyone believes it.

    So, i'll just have to drag Enoch into the crowd too.

    Nothing actually. Just Enoch, me and flowers.

    Plus.. i'm not into Boys. Sorry.

    I'm into MAN. I'm looking for ManFriend. not boyfriend. =/


    I love the last 2 pictures best !

    They are like the best of the best.


    Ahem. I'm coughing.

    From what i heard is.. Godwin doesn't know how to tie his tie. So, Vanessa is helping.

    BUT ! I'm wondering.. The other guys doesn't know how to tie ties too ?
    Because, The both of them are now at the BACKSTAGE.

    I'm sure there are other guys in to dressing room who knows how to tie a tie.

    Heheheh !!

    Well well. We've come to the end of the post.. And i'm really thanking SJ for the wonderful pictures..

    Here comes....


    I'm not sure why i like this picture so much.

    It just triggers alot of thinking.

    Are you thinking too ?

    (Zoe, you dun have to think, no twiddling of fingers too.)

    Hehs. Everything ends here. ^^ Hope you enjoyed.


    Well. Some words to say..

    I'm sure we are all happy with the Concert last Saturday.

    We had worked so hard on it. And we succeeded.

    Especially with Disco Lives soaring so high.

    And for those who didn't know, HuiCi actually flew her drumstick backwards after the last beat of the song.

    Well, i think that's by accident. But that simply means something..

    She enjoyed the piece, and so did we.

    This post is just for entertainment.
    For bringing out some laughter after so much hardwork.

    Hope you all enjoyed.

    p/s. but seriously, some scandals in the post are REAL. create your own wonders. ^^

    Cheers. loves to Rpws ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;