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    Tuesday, 11 September 2007

    Bloo saved the day.

    Yesterday night was one of the earlier nights that i slept.

    Well. compared to the other days of 5am or so, yesterday was early.

    I actually thought that is a good thing, because i'll be getting more sleep.

    However, i was wrong.
    I had a nightmare.

    This nightmare had always been the same. For the past few years.

    It is too painful for me to be telling you all the nightmare, because it haunts me.

    It had been a while since i had this same nightmare. Really a long while.

    Was shock when i jumped up from bed yesterday night having the image of the nightmare so clear in my mind.

    It was 4.30am. I can't get back to sleep.
    Actually thought of waking my sister up. But she have to work in the morning.

    So i just thought i would on my laptop and listen to songs to calm myself down.

    It didn't help, because my heart is beating so fast that i can't seem to find the right song to calm myself down.

    So i went through my pictures folder. I have loads of pictures.

    So i went through each folder by each folder, Family, Friends, 348, Poly frens, Rpws, cousins, food, sceneries, private, special....

    I have LOADS of pictures.

    Then i got to this picture. It is one of the newest picture i have.

    Picture of Bloo.


    The only picture that made me laugh.

    This little cute thing is call Bloo.

    So sweet and blue.

    So i just stared at Bloo for the longest moment.
    I think it's 15 mins.

    Plain staring.

    And i got calmed down. And so i return to sleep.

    Yea. One of my Happy Ending Day.

    True. Didn't know a small picture like that can actually be my saviour.

    And i'm really glad the nightmare is over.



    Life is hard.

    Never ending fears.

    Randomly, i would like to add that..

    I'm reading the collection of books from Julia Quinn.

    There's 8. I'm on the 4th one.

    Romance novels.

    Yea. It's all about the Duke and Viscounts.

    All the royal royal kind of characters. - my favourite.

    Each time i finish a book, i will sit there and think.

    " If only it's real. "

    But sadly, we all know, fiction stories .. will always be fiction.

    yikes. If ever one of you want to sit down and read something real nice with a sweet happy ending, you may try Julian Quinns' .

    And sorry, dun try borrowing from me =/

    I'm done with borrowing of books. It just don't come back to me.
    And that caused my HarryPotter collection to be lack of Book 1.

    Hms. Life. It is always better to imagine your life that to live it.
    But it is always needed to lived than needed to be imagined.


    p/s. weiwei, no worries. try again the next time ^^

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;