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    Wednesday, 12 September 2007

    Took some pictures last week.

    Unique sky.


    Hm. Beautiful? no, not really...

    Life is hard.

    Sometimes you just want to take the perfect shot, but you just missed it.

    My new class is out.

    Yea. i mentioned it before, every semester, Rp will re-shuffle our classes.

    New people. New adventures?

    Hahs. I'm always nervous with new people.

    It's a fear i think.

    Because peoples' first impression of me is always "proud, selfish and arrogant"

    Well, maybe it's true. i don't know.

    And from all my friends, good frens, EX-classmates..

    They hated me when they first know me. well.. first SEE me, i think.

    Because they think i'm someone who they will never mix with. Selfish pathetic girl.

    Until they know me, which is after they talk to me, THEN, they will find me not so bad afterall.

    But that is AFTER they talk to me. So i'm going to make sure i talk to all of them first?

    348 girls told me before that they didn't like me on first impression too.
    Like, when they first see me.

    Until we actually mixed together, then they felt quite ok with me.

    It's quite hurtful. Because i never knew.

    Do i really look that proud? So hard to mix with? LOL.

    I don't know.

    When Poly life started, i thought if i smile more, everything will be fine.

    But when u smile more, people think you're not your real self, and they started disliking you.

    That's what happened in poly first sem. I'm only able to mix with the guys in the class, and they call me a GUY too. BEcause they say it's so easy to talk to me. Well.. Guys.

    But for the girls, it took me 2 weeks to actually able to mix with them.

    It's painful. Hard.

    2 months later, me and a few of my poly close friends are sitting down on the table and talking about how we met, whenever it's on me, they would say " hey, no offence ya.. i didn't like you when i first see you... " " you are opposite my table.. and u look really proud. i never think i'll be friends with you "..

    THAT is hurtful. But i smiled with it. BEcause we're friends now.

    But when u really sit there and think, it's like.. "woah, everyone hates me".

    How's that gonna feel?

    It's going to happen again. in a few days time. when the semester starts.


    I have loads of friends. really.

    But i daresay, most hated me at the start. No beacuse i did something wrong,
    but because i looked too casual. something like that. Maybe.

    Life is hard.

    Save me. =/

    I hate every first day of school.

    Someone please tell me it's going to be fine.



    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;