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    Saturday, 21 July 2007

    Hello !

    Wow, it had been a long time since I last posted.
    Anyone missed me?

    Well, I missed blogging.
    I have totally no time to blog.
    Normally I would blog during school hours.
    But I feel guilty blogging in class.
    Because no one will be doing work then.

    When I reach home, I have to bathe, do homework (bloody RJs)
    and also watch the unfinishable (2nd newly invented word) movies/shows/animes.

    I will be writing about some random things I found out these few days.
    I’m telling you about me.
    Lastly would be a brief schedule about what I might be doing tomorrow.

    Ok. Lets start with the first topic.

    Some Random things I found out.

    Yes I found out quite a few things.

    First thing I found out is that, Andes Chocolate is very nice.

    That day was last Monday. I had dinner with Rachael.
    After dinner, we decided to have a walk inside cold storage.
    We went to the chocolates section.
    Personally, I don’t crave for chocolate.

    How to say, I eat sweet things. But I don’t love sweet things.
    Hm. If you eat with me before, you will most probably know the reason.

    Anyways, Then, Rachael introduce this Andes Chocolate to me.
    She say “I know one chocolate very nice one. Green Green one. Then inside got one layer chocolate. Got Mint Mint taste de. Don’t know you will like or not.”
    Hehe. Then, we started to find the chocolate. Dah. There it is. Andes Chocolate.

    When I tear open the wrapper of the chocolate, woah. I had a feeling I’m really going to love it. Super minty.
    Yes. I love it !

    And so, I shall conclude. My favourite chocolate now is Andes Chocolate ( mint ).
    (Took some pictures but laptop’s Bluetooth not working, so cannot show)


    Hm. Oh ya. If you are paying attention, I mentioned I have this unfinishable
    movies/shows and all ya?

    Ok. This is a very weird discovery.
    In my class, everyone always borrow thumb drives and hard disks to transfer file.

    So my hard disk is always passed around.
    I seldom my hard disk as I prefer thumb drives. But because I want the anime “School Rumble” from Andrew’s CD, I used my hard disk.

    When I open my hard disk. I was like “ wow.”
    You see, on Monday, my hard disk only have 4 folders. My own pictures, songs, and some random files.

    But then, when I open my hard disk, There’s like… a lot of movies and all.
    Let me list out the things that is not mine in my hard disk.

    Movies : Just follow law, Mr Bean Holiday, Pirates of the Caribbean-At world’s End, TMNT 2007, Transformer, Twin Effect 1, Twin Effect 2.

    Shows : Prison Break Season 2.

    Cartoon : South Park Season 10 complete.

    Anime : School Rumble 1 and 2 and OVA.

    Haha. I’m not complaining about the things I have inside my hard disk la.
    Because I can watch them too. But it’s like. WOAH. Suddenly so many things. LOL.

    Super cool.
    If you want any of the above shows and all, do tell me before I delete them.Haha.

    Then, I also found out that, I’m a super bad joke teller.
    I start to like this New drink from POKKA call the Pomegranate Tea. Weird taste for weird people.I also found out that I need a new alarm clock.

    Actually I know I need a new alarm clock since the day I can’t find it. Which is last Friday. But I found a better reason for me to buy the new alarm clock.-I found out today that my alarm clock is behind my big Doraemon, that is 2 metres away from me, on the floor. I have to assume that I threw I there. Because there is totally no reason why it can be there as no one except me enters my room – I stay alone.

    Abit Of Me.

    I’m love having lots of weird thinkings.
    When I’m alone, I wonder about things. Stupid weird things that I think is interesting.
    I always wonder about things that are so not needed to be wondered about.

    Well, that’s part of my life. Wondering about almost everything.

    Haha, most people that know me always tell me that what I wonder is rubbish.

    True la. That’s why I say I always wonder about the not needed.

    Well, I’m not sure how to explain.I just like to think. A lot. What I think may be just so irrelevant, but I’m still doing it.And normally when people have those ‘stupid wonders’, they usually keep it to themselves.

    But I always say it out. I know it’s irritating.
    It’s like some straight-forward thing. And I always find them interesting.
    Or maybe just plainly I don’t think twice.

    For example, there’s this night when I’m in my dad’s car on the way home, I’m super bored.
    I looked outside the window and I saw stars.

    Then I asked my dad “Why people fly to the other planets when they cannot see them when they raise their head and not fly to star when they can see it so easily?”.

    (My dad gave a long explanation. But I’m lazy to type it here)

    There’s also a few times when I ask my sister, “Why do you like to go out at night?”

    And I would ask my brother, “Why you keep cutting your hair?”

    These questions are a little ‘not needed to know’.
    But I will still ask. And I really want an answer.
    Yes. They are my stupid wonders. But there are so many things that I want to know.

    Some of you, my friends may have experienced my “stupid wonders”.
    But I think it would be my family members that will receive these “stupid wonders” of mine. (mostly my father)

    And I will add on. My stupid wonders are ALWAYS random.
    My dad always tell me I’m super random and super nonsense.

    Whenever he fetch me home, he will experience a new stupid random question of mine.
    If any of you have a chance, you can ask him. =/

    I’m wondering why I’m even having this post. Interesting to find out.

    Haha. As usual, I think everyone is lost.You see, in every post of mine, they are just so super random.

    Hehe. Get used to it if you are going to continue reading my posts.

    This is just me. Super me telling my super stories.

    Ok, anyway. TODAY. SATURDAY, 21JULY2007 Now, 12.20am.

    I pre-ordered the book around 1 and a half month ago. Finally. HAhah
    The book will be released at 7:01am at all bookstores.But I’m not so crazy la. Not going to line up and wait. Most probably I will just wake up around 11am or 12pm. Then I’ll go get the book or something.

    Oh ya, I remember that I mentioned about writing out what Harry Potter movie 5 didn’t include ya? Maybe next post or something. Till then.

    AH ! Almost forgot. Thanks to Wei wei I’ve added this Comment thingy. So everyone can leave their comments after reading the post.

    When you click on the Comments, it will direct you to a page for you to type your comments. I know it will be very troublesome as you have to re-type my blog’s URL to get back to my blog’s page. I’m trying to make an external window for the comments but I still can’t figure how. I’ll try my best to solve the inconvenience.
    Do leave comments after reading. And DO include your name.




    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;