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    Wednesday, 25 July 2007

    Roses are Red. Violets are Blue.

    Girls. When is the last time you receive a bouquet of fresh roses or flowers of any kind?
    Guys. When is the last time you gave a girl flowers? Roses?

    Girls that haven't receive beautiful flowers yet, time will come. Wait patiently xD
    Guys that haven't send beautiful flowers to a girl yet,

    Sigh. Valentines' day is so near yet so far. Lol.

    Ok. Roses. What about it ? Hm.

    Actually not much. I just dreamt about them 2 days ago.
    I'm like walking on this street. Then suddenly roses everywhere.
    Then i danced. And Danced.

    Haha. Super funny. I woke up. Then i'm like. " What ? .. Roses.. "

    Hm. Interesting. Many have sent or received flowers.
    But do you know that, different colour of rose, different amount of roses in a bouquet,
    different combination of roses have a different meaning?

    Since long ago, i'm always told that, red roses means love and yellow roses means break up.

    Is that all? No. There are so many more different colours for roses.

    There's White, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Peach, Orange, Green, Black, Blue and so so many more.

    These colours above are the more common ones. There are even Tea Roses, Graden roses, Faded roses, Musk roses and all. So many of them.

    Let's talk about the more common ones.

    • The meaning of white roses is : perceived as pure and bright, and by giving away a white rose a suitor says “You are heavenly” and “I respect and look up to you” to the object of his affection.

    • The meaning of Red Roses is : love while a bouquet of red and white roses is a symbol of unity. It is a signal of loyalty and kinship. “You and I are one” and “We stand united”.

    • Just like the red rose, the purple roses symbolises love but the meaning of purple roses are more a symbol of enchantment and love and first sight than the ever lasting love represented by red roses.

    • The meaning of Pink roses are generally viewed as a symbol of refinement and elegance.

    • A bouquet of only yellow roses means “try to care”. It also mean Jealousy.

    • The meaning of Orange roses are enthusiasm and eagerness, a new beginning. The meaning of Peach Roses on the other hand is that something has gone well, a deal has been reached.

    • Green roses have existed since 1856 and are a symbol of fertility and fruitfulness.

    • The meaning on Black roses is death and new beginnings.

    • The meaning of Blue Roses are that someone is mysterious.

    These are the meanings of the different colours of the roses.
    Okok. Next is interesting. Heheh.

    • A single rose, whatever its color, depicts utmost devotion to a single person. "All my deepest affections are concentrated in you". From a ex-boyfriend,"I still love you".
      (But you can just forget about patching up with him. 1 rose. It's like.. Wth?)

    • Two roses, especially if they are red in color speak of two people who are deeply in love and together form their own happy little world.
      (Hm. I doubt that too.)

    • Three roses stand for the three words in "I Love You", and seek to convey this very simple yet powerful message.
      (3 is fine. Maybe add some leaves?)

    • Half a dozen roses speak of the need to be loved and cherished. When you need to assure someone that he or she is truly and deeply loved, send eleven roses.
      (Accepted. ^^)

    • Thirteen roses indicate that there is a secret admirer waiting to be discovered.
      (Possible for me? Lol !)

    • Twenty-four roses stand for the twenty-four hours of the day, and say that the loved one is thought of during every hour of the day.
      (That's sweet.)

    • Three dozen or thirty-six roses speak of a romantic attachment.
      (Too many roses attract ants.)

    • Forty-four roses pledge a constant and an unchanging love.
    • Fifty roses signify a love that has ripened well, and has never been regretted.
    • A hundred roses signifies a happy union of two loving souls till death or till a hundred years.
      (Seriously. Sweet. But too many roses attract bees too.)

    • A hundred and eight roses is a marriage proposal in the language of flowers. So, the next time you get it, grab it.

    • Three hundred and sixty five roses denote every day of the year. They speak of a love that has remained constant and true throughout the year.
      (No comments.)

    • One thousand and one roses speak of a faithful love that will live on forever.
      (Hm. No thank you. I don't like bees, ants and other crawlies.)

    Wow. That's cool ya? Hm.

    Haha. Guys. Make sure you copy down my post.
    Print it out and keep it under your pillow or something. Haha.

    Hey Guys. Do you all know that, if you actually dare to bring a bouquet of roses and walk around the shopping centre, waiting for the girl to arrive..

    It actually impress the girl. Because, it takes a lot of courage for a guy to walk around with a bouquet of flowers. Don't believe? Try it.

    Anyways. Roses.

    Purple Rose. xD

    White Roses.

    Beautiful Red Roses.

    ()___________Time Machine______________)]~

    Let me bring myself back to the past.
    Yea. Roses. It remind me of secondary school.
    Valentines' day. Guys ordering flowers for girls. Sweet ~

    Hehe. I received single roses in secondary 1.
    Haha. Said to be from what secret admirers and all.
    Thinking back was so much fun. Secret admirers. Lol.

    But hey ! Sec 2 is better ~
    In sec 2, i receive a bouquet of 12 purple roses with blue small roses as decorations.
    Let me see, that would mean..

    " a symbol of enchantment and love and first sight than the ever lasting love and sender wish to be loved and cherished. "

    Woo. Yes. From my old old ex boyfriend.
    But hey. i don't think he know what the roses means.
    Boo to that. Haha.

    Still. Although roses are beautiful and sweet. I still prefer Tulips.

    It is written in wikipedia that..
    Red tulip means declaration of love; believe me.
    Yellow tulip means there is sunshine in your smile; hopeless love.
    And there are variegated tulips that mean beautiful eyes.

    I don't think it is about the eyes part.
    I just love the variegated tulips. Those mixed colour tulips.

    Yes. People will be like : Eeek ! What is the black black thing in the middle of the flower. Ee.
    But hor. i think that it's nice ma.

    Hehe. I ask Wei Jian to help me draw picture of Tulip. See !

    Hehe. Cool hor?
    Yays. Credit goes to Wei Jian ! xD
    Those in my class, you can just simply imagine wei jian doing
    the.. " right hand swift in the air " move ya? Lol ~

    Okays. Flowers. Valentines' day is coming ~ 6 months and 3 weeks or something ba.
    Soon. Hehe.

    Reminder : My birthday will be earlier than Valentines' day. =)

    Haha. Ok la. Ending my post. Do have a good Wednesday.

    Cya all ! Dinner with Rachael, Si Ying and Mei Xian later. =)

    Qi ~

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;