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    Sunday, 3 August 2008

    Hello !

    I almost forgotten I've got a blog. =\

    Been too busy with too many things.

    I shall do a light update on the events happening from 24th July - 3rd August 2008.
    heee !
    No choice eh. Too busy with all the events and all. =\

    (the pictures are mostly not edited, so the colour will not be as nice.) (too tired to do editing to all the pictures. heh)

    Thurday, 24th July 2008.

    On the 24th July, it was the Singapore International Band Festival Competition for Division 1.

    Bands like.. Ngee Ann Poly, Raffles Girls' School, Philharmonics Youth, Raffles Institution Military Band, Orchid Park Secondary..etc etc.. went for the Division 1 category's competition.

    However....... Republic Polytechnic Wind Symphony was the band that WON 2nd in the 1st Division !


    Having the SIBF competition as RPWS's FIRST competition, I believe it's really a success step to the world of music competitons. xD

    May RPWS have more and more successful achievements ! =))

    On Friday, 25th July.

    i don't remember what happened. =\
    I mean.. I really don't remember what i did on Friday, 25th July. HAHAHA.

    Saturday, 26th July 2008.

    RPWS had Masterclass with... erm... Mr. Douglas. erm. Yea.
    I forget his fullname. =(( Urggh. Yes. I'm so sorry. =(

    Ok. Mr Douglas is a super person. Well. He IS super.
    Heard of Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra?
    He is the conductor of Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.

    Totally so cool.
    And imagine him conducting the band like, only 3 steps away from you when you're playing.
    Isn't it like dreaming? HAHA. Had a fruitful and fearful masterclass with him and RPWS.
    He is cool. =)

    Hm. Nothing much on Saturdays.
    Ever since i stupidly scheduled my piano lessons on Saturday Afternoons...
    I don't get to go out with my friends anymore. Hahaha.

    So i rushed home for piano lesson.

    Sunday, 27th July 2008

    Sunday Morning (9am) was the Band Music Exchange with Neowinds, from Hong Kong.

    We're told about the exchange with Hong Kong band like about.. 2 months ago.
    Quite looking forward to play with them after we heard them play on the SIBF competition.
    (they took part in the Open Division category)

    Totally so scary ya ! SO BIG. (i'm referring to the total band size).
    SPOT ME ! LOL..

    Sadly, i didn't get to play the 2nd song with the band. (we played 3 songs)
    was asked to go take Scores for the last min decided's 3rd piece.

    So, when i came back...

    After the exchange, we had some light snacks prepared for everyone..

    Ya. no picture of the food.
    By the time i walk out of the forum.. 3/4 of the food is gone.
    LUCKILY i have some really nice juniors and friends who saved some for my growling tummy.

    Okay.. So here's RPWS + Neowinds' Flute Section Picture.


    After the Exchange, Neowinds had got this masterclass with XX - i don't remember.
    So the rest of us went back to TRCC to rest and pack.

    After packing up, most members went back to the forum to see Neowinds' Masterclass session.

    A few of us went to Causeway point to get some souvenirs for the members.

    Blah blah blah.. after the HongKong band left (1pm), we had lunch.
    Slacked all the way until 3pm.

    Getting ready for the outreach programme at Sentosa.

    I'm lazy to elaborate on the details and all. I agree with Simon.

    The supposedly "Cool Deck" that we're told to be performing at is actually..

    " KU DECK " Hot till... can fry egg on my head lo. Grr.

    After our performance, the Thailand Band arrived.
    (They took part in the Open Division Category in the SIBF Competition too.)

    The Thailand band from Lampang. Hm.

    Hey, i was actually thinking how come no one took RPWS's picture when we're performing.
    Grr. =x

    After their performance, Jasmine helped us to get a chance to take a picture with the Thailand Band.


    There's this really hot guy who i've been keeping a lookout at all the while since the SIBF competition day.
    Vanessa, my junior, a.k.a Van-Lorry-Bicycle-Motorcycle, well, she keep asking me to go take picture with the guy. I'm really paiseh. So i say i don't want to.

    Thinking back.. It's quite a waste. Laaaaa.

    Lucky Gab and Ronald took picture with the guy and his section.
    So now, i can just open up his picture and look. aw.. so sweet.

    Ok lah. after some time, i realize the guy also not THAT hot. =x
    Just tall only. La la la. =)) who cares. He's back in Thailand already. =x

    Ah. Finally, the last picture of the day..

    TaDA !

    Honestly Honestly, Only when Jasmine tell me the other day on msn that we took a picture with Toshiyo Akiyama, ("The head Adjudicator, who gave us 95% for the comp!!" -quoted from Simon's blog), only after she tell me THEN i know we took a picture with him.

    I really didn't know.
    Was standing at the steps.. and suddenly everyone was like.. "Quick quick, photo photo, dun waste time." so i just stood there and smiled. Thought it was a picture with the band. =\

    Yup yup. After everything, Went to KFC to have dinner with Pat, Zoe and Yani.
    Naf wasn't around. She went off after Mr. Douglas's Lesson. She went MALAYSIA !
    Gula Melaka !


    Monday, 29th July 2008

    I don't remember what happened too. =\
    (seriously, i think i have really bad memories.)

    Tuesday, 30th July 2008

    Had lesson and then went to Gelare for Waffles.
    Then went to Pastamania for dinner. Hehe.

    (With Gab, Songren, Jaron, Ronald, Simon, Jasmine, Naf, Pat, Zoe and Yani for Waffles.)
    (With only Naf, Pat, Zoe and Yani for Dinner.)

    (The rest Minus Jasmine went for movie)
    (Jasmine went home.) xP

    Wednesday, 31st July 2008

    Went for Kickboxing lesson.
    Got scolded really badly by the instructor.

    Because of the recent events, i haven't really rest my body much.
    Sleeping at 12am-1am and waking at 5am almost everyday for the past week is really torturing my brain cells.

    Yup. Because of lack of rest and sleep, my body can't really function well.
    My eyes are not as sharp and all. So my instructor scolded me for my lack of attention and concentration.

    I don't remember what happened after that. I think i went to sleep or something.
    I remembered doing something else, but i don't remember what i did.


    Thursday, 31st July 2008.

    Founders' day for RPWS.
    Actually it's 1st August, but we celebrated a day earlier.
    So.. Happy 5th Birthday RPWS. ^^

    Yup. RPWS is really so young only.

    Don't really remember what happened too.
    Went for band practice, practice ended earlier then usual for the celebration of founder's day.

    Stanley and Daruis, our Founder and Co-Founder of RPWS gave their speech.
    Something happened.

    After that, we went out of the conference room for supper.
    Took pictures and all but only a few pictures with me.

    Yup yup. One of my beloved Junior, Syu, and Yani, MY BEST ROOMMATE.

    Yea. I only had one roommate up to now. So she's currently the first on the list, #1 BEST. =x

    And here's me and Yani.

    DAMN. Just look at my eyes ! DARK DARK CIRCLES.
    Well, almost everyone in RPWS is the same.

    Hm. Yup yup. Can't find the other pictures..

    Ah. And we went home. -end-

    Friday, 1st August 2008

    Despite telling Yani the day before that i'll be attending school for the rest of the 2 weeks before holiday.. I didn't go school on Friday.

    Not that i didn't want to. I was on the way to school when a friend called up.

    Sometimes, unpredicted things just happen and you cannot avoid it.
    And the only reason that can make me skip school is a friend in need of a company.

    Yes. a very bad reason. Still, i can't change the fact that i missed lesson.

    Okay. Went to Peninsula Plaza.
    My friend bought a COB's shirt. (COB - Children of Bodom) hehehe !

    I bought a Nightwish's shirt. Totally sianed.
    The nightwish shirts i saw online are all sooooo SOOOO soooo SOOO superly beautiful la.

    And those in the shop are really disappointing. No choice.
    If only i'm richer. Grr. NO ! IF ONLY I'M OF LEGAL AGE.

    Sigh. I can't make the online payment for the shirts because i don't own a credit card, YET.
    And my sister is soooo not supportive. Just because i took a little longer to pay her the Nodame's Repertoire Piano Book i found online.. She didn't want to pay for my shirt.

    Grr. And yups. i bought the shirt, $15, from the shop. The auntie was like " Cheap Only la ~ (indian slang) Buy, Buy, Buy more i give you More discount. "

    The thing is that, they only have ONE, ONE Nightwish's shirt. How to buy more? =.=

    So yea. I bought the disappointing Nighwish Shirt. Okay. =\

    After that, we walked all the way from Peninsula Plaza to Esplanade. =.=

    Yup. And we reached Esplanade.
    Then we walked on and on and on and blah.

    Finally we decided to go back. TO woodlands.
    We took 960. 1 hour bus ride back to woodlands.

    Sent her home and decided to go school to wait for Patricia and the rest for dinner and all.

    Only when i reach school that i found out that Yani is the only one in class. Zoe, Naf and Pat are eating at Pizza Hut.



    Yup. So I went back to Causeway Point for Lunch.
    Waited till Yani finish her UT and joined us at Pizza Hut.

    When we're about to go off, we met Gab, Songren, Jaron and Simon.
    Talked for a bit. (Standing in the middle of the shopping centre, talking)

    And went off after that. The guys went for dinner.

    Saturday, 2nd August 2008.

    Met the usual gang, minus Yani, Naf and Zoe for breakfast at Mac.

    Went off to Innova JC for a Help-Out-Tune-In-Session.
    Played a few songs. Ate Free Lunch. Went Home.

    Supposed to go for piano lesson. But i was too tired.
    So i pushed the lesson to Sunday instead.

    Had dinner with family outside.

    My sister is working on a Christmas Church Play. I was quite interested.
    So i went along for the rehearsal.

    Was quite shock to know my sister is the Director of the play. =\ Haaha.
    Well well, when she's studying for her Degree in England, she joined Drama Club too.
    Ever since, she took up the role of Director for plays. Don't know why am i suprised.

    I met alot of good actors and actresses. They are really cool.
    I gave my comments on the rehearsal and lines.

    In the end, i'm asked to edit the Play's script. =\ Hahaha.
    It's so much fun. BET it will be a very good play. xD

    Sunday, 3rd August 2008.

    Went for Piano lesson in the morning.

    Scolded by my piano teacher for not practicing. I've got 1 more week before Registering for my Piano Exam. I'm kinda worried. =\

    But worrying doesn't help. so i guess, i should commit more to my piano exams now that the band competition is over.
    I'm to have extra piano lessons starting next week.
    Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

    From the week after next onwards, Monday will also be included.
    So.. 4 more practices before 12th August 2008, the day of registeration.

    I'm thinking of taking Flute exams too.
    Well, not those high grades and all. Just thought of taking the basic exams.
    Grade 1/2 and all. I'm not having flute lessons, so, don't really think i can manage the other grades. Well.. Hahaha.

    I can continue to think about it for some time. =)

    After piano lesson, went for kickboxing lesson.

    TOTALLY ROCKING. see me and you'll know.

    Transferred another 100 songs to my phone.

    Currently 524 songs inside. He he he. Laaa ~

    Okay. Done.

    End of my super long update. xD


    Okay. Now..

    The Few Important Things to be Done Asap :

    Professional Profiling - Calling of company for interview + 2000 word report.

    Christmas Play - Editing of Script by Monday evening. (4th Aug)

    Piano Exam - Preparing for trial exam by Teacher's Teacher anytime this week/ next week.


    Well. I only remember the 3 things to be done asap. Should have more, but i'm tired to think. Hahaha.
    Yup. Everyone rest well.

    Good Night. =))

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;