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    Thursday, 10 July 2008

    Hello Dear People.

    I'm painfully regretful for the lack of updates lately.

    Yes. I'm in pain. LOL.

    Let me give everyone some really recent updates about myself. (it's a Long post.)

    I'm so busy and tired that i don't on my laptop on Wednesdays and Weekends anymore.

    If i can, i don't on my laptop after school anymore. HAhaha.


    So what's going on lately that makes me so extremely tired.

    Ok. You know, not quite long ago, i've mentioned about joining kickboxing ya?

    Yup. I've joined kick boxing.

    I'm seriously surprised to know that there are many kind of kickboxing.

    First there's the most traditional one, Japanese Kickboxing.

    Then there are the few similar ones; Muay Thai ( Thai boxing ), Yaw-Yan ( Filipino kickboxing ), American Kick boxing, Adithada (Indian kickboxing), Lethwei (Burmese kickboxing)...

    So many more.

    Actually you cannot tell which is more traditional. Some people thinks it's Muay Thai, Some people thinks it's Japanese Kickboxing.

    They have their own origins and all. Yup, i know so much about kickboxing through Wikipedia.

    Yup. I've done my research before i joined the club.

    The club, well i should call it SCHOOL instead.
    It specialize in teaching Martial Arts.

    It's a school of martial arts. My section is Japanese Kickboxing.

    There's Karate, Ninjutsu, Taekwondo and alot alot more.

    Oh yea, I used to learn Ninjutsu at the age of 7 - 14.
    HAha. I'm like one of the most senior at the age of 9.

    People at the age of 15-20 calls me "senpai" - senior.

    Hahaha. But.. well well. My brother and Sister also joined Ninjutsu last time.
    It was my brother who stopped first because he tore his muscle when he's 15. (me-10)
    So he cannot continue anymore. (He also stopped growing taller ever since.)

    Yes. The techniques got harder and harder, my legs are too short to do some stance (because my partner is always like 6-7 years older than me). So.. I remained at a certain belt for quite a long time.

    My sister got pretty far. But she stopped quite soon later, due to O levels and stuff and not enough time to go for practices.

    I remained on until i'm 4th red belt. 3 more levels to Black belt.
    Yes. the belt-colouring system comes from 10th - 1st.
    10th - white belt and it follows on for yellow belt, green belt, blue belt and all.

    Yup. I stopped at age 14 because i broke my knee's soft bone.

    I'm always told i'm very alike with my brother.
    We always have the same thing happening to us. Hahaha. But his is much more serious.

    Imagine, mine already so jialat.. think about his.... lying on the bed for a few long weeks before able to walk again.

    Ok. So so. yup. why am i side-tracked so far?


    anyways, just to tell you more about me..
    I've joined Magic club too when i'm 14 years old.

    HAha. i've also joined ballet classes at age 4, organ classes at age 5, xylophone classes at age 6, violin classes at age 6 i think.

    So.. I've got ballet shoes, Organ and Violin at home. cool eh.

    I've tried many many things. - Thanks to my mother. =)

    Oh, Magic class is my own will. My mother actually didn't want me to join it.

    Totally interesting. But if you're someone who loves to see magic shows and all..
    DON'T JOIN. it'll spoil all the fun and all.

    Because you'll know where are all the tricks and all. Yup.
    Joined the club for some time. Had performance and shows.

    The club disbanded as the members are having their university examinations.
    So it's only left with me and a guy. The guy is the instructor. (Our club only have 6 people.)
    It's not pathetic. Small magic clubs are more powerful. =x easier for shows and all.

    Ok. Yup yup.

    So now, I'm left with only Piano lessons ( long-term ).
    My father's family line's girls all have to know how to play piano. NO REASON WHY.
    my brother is the only guy in the whole family line who know how to play piano. HAHA.
    Ok. So when all the girls know how to play piano, the mothers sit around and "compete".
    Comparing who's daughter is at a higher grade.

    It's either piano or studies. And because me and my sister study in Singapore.
    and the rest at Malaysia. They don't compare OUR(me and my sister)'s studies to theirs.

    like not fair. So it doesn't matter.
    My sister only learn Organ. So, can't be compared too.
    So it's left with me and the rest of them.

    And that's almost the reason why my father always threaten me with piano lessons.

    So it became a habit and i don't even know if i really love to play piano or am i still having piano lessons for the sake of having them.

    Hahaha. Well. I rebelled against my dad few years back because i don't want piano lesson anymore. And on the very next NEW YEAR celebration, the mothers sit around at the table and my mother looked so disappointed because she just couldn't bear to say " my daughter quitted piano. " .. instead... she said " my daughter didn't took the examinations this year. "

    YUP YUP . Because my father is the eldest, i'm considered the oldest among the line.
    Not really oldest. Just that my grade IS SUPPOSE to be the highest and all.

    I cried after seeing my mum so disappointed and decided to just continue having lessons.

    So much of family competition.

    Yea. BLAH.

    And due to that, i'm now in par with my aunt's daughter. Same grade and all.

    AND HER IDIOTIC piano teacher ask her to skip a grade.
    (although mine did too.)

    In the end, She's considered one grade above me and she's 3 years younger than me.
    Ok. nvm.


    Ok. why are we here again? HAHAHA. I'm longwinded. cmi.

    Ok. So. Yup. i've just joined kickboxing.

    And yesterday was the first lesson.

    And i practically bruised my whole body.
    bruised is a very sweet and kind word to describe.

    Ask me to show you. =)

    my arm's bruises aren't that serious.
    My thighs are totally very serious.

    The instructor say it's only the start.
    Kickboxing lessons is really pain in the ass.

    He says i'm too stressed out. Because he say i'm seriously alot more aggressived than most girls who just started out.

    And THAT landed me alot of serious bruises.
    My classmate thinks i'm crazy. They saw my arm's bruise because i wore short sleeves.
    I told them they're lucky they can't see my thigh's bruises. It's 5 times worst than my arm's.

    Hahaha. My butt hurts.



    My every week's schedule is almost the same for the month.
    Take a look.

    Monday - School, Band.
    Tuesday - School, Band.
    Wednesday - Kickboxing, part-time job at sis's office.
    Thursday - School, Band.
    Friday - School, Band.
    Saturday - Sleep, Piano lesson.
    Sunday - Kickboxing, Charity events.

    One whole month. Just like that. No changes.

    Got changes. There's one sunday whereby there's band practice too.


    I've said alot ya. So much for a little update. HEHE.

    Okay. loves.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;