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    Sunday, 7 October 2007

    I say : Smile when you are tired. =)

    Anyone missed me? Hahaha. If you realize, I haven’t been online for almost 3 days.
    LOL ! Never mind =/

    Let me do some updating. Hms.
    I didn’t go school on Friday. Reason being : I think I’m not well.

    I’m perfectly well. Healthy Healthy.
    But I think I will not be well if I go school. So I didn’t went.

    It seems that, I have no motivation to go school anymore.
    Considering my attendance used to be super good, I don’t know what is happening to me.
    Perhaps too tired to entertain.

    I’m worried about my CE points. =/
    I still haven’t go for any talk.
    It’s like.. I’m planning to go so many talks.
    Always asked people along. But Always rejected last minute.
    And for that, I didn’t go for the talk too.

    I hate walking in the school alone. Outside is fine, but not in the school.
    It’s like so pathetic. To me. Yes.
    Sigh. So.. I am worried, very worried about my CE points.

    There's this 'tension' thingy in my class.
    How do i say this..
    There's this Quite good looking guy in my class.

    And if you must know, He's a Malay guy.
    All the other races girls are, too, attracted to him.
    Why and How? No idea.

    So, during his turn for presentation, all the girls will give the fullest attention to his group and all.
    Then the funny thing is..

    All the girls will just stare at him. I find it super cool because it's like almost all the girls looking at him, yet the girls don't see each other doing the same thing. er.. u understand?

    Because i'm almost always late for class (reason being: i always forget to wake up)
    Because of that, i'm always in the middle group. So it's really obvious when everyone look in the middle. Er. Ok.. another example is..
    There's this one time i group with the guy, during presentation, i can feel ALL eyes on me.
    Well. Not on me, On him, He's beside me.

    It's super uneasy la.
    Haha. Seriously, i do look at the guy too. He's very nice.. in a lot of ways.
    But he's really old. Er. He's the same age as my brother.
    IF you know how old is my brother, you'll understand.

    And.. why am i talking about this guy? zz.
    Side tracked i believe.

    Ok. Back to my Friday..

    Friday is sleeping day. Because I make myself sleep till 3.30pm that day.

    When I woke up, Naf and Rachael called. Asked me to join them for dinner.
    I wish I could. But I have no choice.

    My dad is angry with me for not calling home for 2 days and offing my phone so he cannot call.

    So I have to go home. Yea.

    Saturday. Meixian asked whether I want to join them for shopping.

    I wish I could again. But sigh. Nevermind..
    I just wish I can get my license soon. So I can don’t depend on people who don’t allow me to go out to drive me around. Yes.

    And license. I think I will be getting my theory lesson in 1 months’ time.
    After Hari Raya.

    And then, Saturday is boring.
    Because my modem is spoilt and I can't online.
    I tried to fix it the whole Friday night, but nothing helped.

    I called the bloody tmnet customer service technician.
    And he told me in this stupid slang that, “ ahh. I’m afraid we can’t help. It’s not the problem over here.

    Just hope he can feel me roll my eyes at that. Ok.

    Back to my Satuday.
    No internet connection. Bored.

    But I did quite a lot of things. well, that will be..

    1. I watched Ratatouille
    2. I practiced my flute
    3. I practiced my piano
    4. I updated new songs to my mp4
    5. I finish my Julia Quinn’s book 6 (now on 7)
    6. I ate sweets
    7. I held my lappie and walked my whole house to find free wireless
    8. I played pillow fight with Tigger. (My sis is overseas AGAIN, with her ladyboss, I have no choice but to play with her Tigger.) ( It’s actually just me throwing pillows at Tigger =/ )
    9. I stared at the ceiling.
    10. I stared at my fan.

    considering that fact that, I will just sit in front of my com to do create nonsense and scandals with my internet connection, doing all THAT is an improvement for a healthy day.

    Oh. Yea. With the stupid no internet connection problem, I can’t download Adobe Photoshop to edit the beautiful pictures I have for blogging.

    But, Thanks to Naf.. I have Picasa. A basic software to edit the basic stuff.

    It’s really the basic. But well, it does help.

    And that’s all I’m doing for the pictures I’m going to blog, Basic touches.
    Really a boring Saturday. But really, Thanks for all the nonsense I did, it Past.

    Sunday today. Went for piano lesson this morning.

    Once again stressed by my teacher, telling me that I have to give her an answer whether or not I’m taking my theory test.

    I may have Grade 6 Practical cert. But I’m only a Grade 2 at theory.
    I hate memorizing things. Hate learning things that need to be written down.
    Hate guessing the notes.

    And so, Ta Da. Grade 2 only.
    Teacher insisted that I take more theory test, because I will need it when I take my other practical exams. Hm. I told her I’ll consider. xD

    And, time for considering that problem..
    I’ll leave it to .. Next month. After Hari Raya. Why?
    No why. Just for fun

    ah. I'm not in a very comfortable right now. My lappy is at the edge of my bed, i have to use one hand to hold it, and use the other one to type and surf net.

    Grr. Because This is the only position i can get wireless connection from my neighbour.

    Ahh. I'm really going to complain. I'm paying 88 dollars per month for my wireless connection and yet i have to use it in such a stealing-pathetic position.


    Ok, this is really pathetic. Yes. 2 days ago, Yesterday and Today, now.

    Tomorrow shall be better. =)

    I'm really good at complaining. Cool. Nagging too.

    Heh. I think i should return to my Book.
    Yes. I'm reading my favourite book right now. Not Julia Quinns'.

    Ok.. Shall be back soon. yea. soon. I have loads to post about.

    About my research about a very beautiful place and.. a little research of you, him, her, them.

    roll eyes.

    Ah. Ok. I'll be back soon.


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;