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    Friday, 28 September 2007

    Events for today - 28th September 2007

    well well. Have i told you i hate my new phone?

    I believe not.


    sucky battery that cannot last for 2 days. BOOs.

    I don't want to talk about it. Argh.

    Ok. Today is just not a good day.
    That's the conclusion.

    RPWS had Lunchtime Concert at TRCC today.
    2 practices and we played Dam Busters March, Carmen suite, Merry Widow.

    How good can it be ?

    It is 100% confirmed not our best performance.
    It's really disappointing. Yes. I'm to blame too.

    If only i worked harder. I would have been a greater help.
    My fault. Yes. i blame myself.

    And my toothache. I blame it on my toothache too.

    Not because i'm trying to say it's beacause of my toothache that i didn't play well.
    NAh. That's the last thing i will ever say.

    I just blame it on my toothache because i will feel better.
    at least. i know i can just blame it on my toothache and move on.

    Focus on our next Performance or Concert!


    After the concert, my class celebrated 4 guy's birthday.
    er. 3 guys on 28th sep. 1 guy on 29 sep.

    we held a mini party for them. It was really mini.
    Just hope that left a small memory for them.

    (Here, i truly THANK weijian for the help!)

    Ahs. After school. I rushed to Copthorne Kings Hotel for a wedding dinner.

    And than, i have once again proven, Singaporeans are always late.
    I rushed from school and got there, showered and changed and the time was 6.55pm.

    The dinner stated that it will start at 7pm SHARP.

    But. Due to people who are really spoiling my night, at 7.45pm, the ballroom is only 40% filled.
    By 8pm, 50% filled. THE HALL IS ONLY FULLY FILLED AT 8.40pm !

    And so, the dinner started at 8.45pm.

    How nice.

    Next time when i get married, i will state on the invitation card that, " FOOD WILL BE SERVED AT 7.20pm. AND THE DOORS WILL BE CLOSED AT 7.15pm SHARP. "

    Well. There's actually something good that happened today.

    During the wedding dinner, i asked my Mum whether i can order Alcohol drinks.

    She nodded.

    So i asked for beer. LOL.

    totally NOOB la. I haven try anything alcoholic before. so i think i should start with beer before liquor. LOL


    The waiter asked me whether i'm 18. Lucky my cousin reacted fast and say i JUST past 18.

    SO. I got a FULL CUP of beer. Woots.

    Took a sip. aw. it taste really bad. i don't know why people like it so much.

    My cousin say.. " BEcause it taste so bad, people just drink it " .
    Something like the smelly tofu. People like it because it is smelly.
    i haven try it before. and i doubt i will ever try it.

    Ok. So as i said, my boyfriend MUST BE ABLE TO DRINK MORE than me.
    I'm not sure how much alcohol i can take before i get drunk.

    But i just know that. I took 2 full cups and i'm still super awake.
    No drowsiness. Not a tiny bit. i knew that because i find myself still able to read my book =/

    So, guys who cannot take more than 2 cups of alcohol, you're off the list. (for now.)
    It's either you don't drink at all, or you can drink more than me.

    (LOL. i sound as though i have loads of guys on my list like that. LOL ! I'm just anyhow-ing la. It's MY blog. LOL)

    and ok. I'll post some pictures some other day.

    And here, i'm answering a question from this guy.

    Qns " Hey, it was nice talking on phone with you, so u like me? "

    I didn't want to post the answer here, but it is you(theguy) who requested it.
    Yea. he requested that i post my answer in my blog. For what reason?
    I don't know. HAhaha.

    Okok. Let me be clear. I called the guy. asked him about something which required 3 mins.
    I'm clearly giving the signal to end the call.

    But you(theguy) asked whether we can continue to chat. well. I seriously don't mind =.=
    Chatting on the phone surely is fun.

    Ok. I'm being direct here, i like you as a friend only. No deeper feelings than normal friends.
    I hate beating around the bush, i will never act as though i like you when i don't.

    It's wasting your time, as well as mine.

    that's the end of the Q & A.

    well, with what's above, i would like to tell you people something.
    Hm, it's a old habit of mine. weird habit.

    I will NOT call a guy that i like.
    IF he call me, i will pick up. But i will NOT call him until after he call me.
    It's not being stupid. It's just lack of courage.

    Even if it's emergency, i will still NOT call. Yea. It's kind of weird. By yea. THat's That.

    If i ever make a call to a guy before he call me, it will be confirmed that, the feeling that i have for the guy is totally just pure friendship.

    So, i'm really careful with my phone calls.
    and guys, if i haven call you before, dun think too much too.
    Cos it's just maybe i don't need to call you. Yea.

    (woah, i'm seriously sounding as though i have loads of admirers. haha)

    Ah. What the hell is wrong with this post. I'm so weird. i'm sounding as though i'm this super pretty girl with long legs and nice body, with loads of admirers and all. LOL.

    Mr Guy, i don't know why you want me to post the answer here. i find it really irritating and stupid but yet i'm still doing it. because you dun want to pick up ur phone and let me explain there. and the last thing i want is you thinking i like you. Sorry.

    I hope we will still remain as friends ya. =)

    Sorry peeps. Sorry for the . ahem. weird post.

    I'm tired.

    Good Night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;