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    Monday, 15 October 2007



    Selamat Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya.

    I have been wishing alot of my muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya + Happy New Year.


    Selamat Hari Raya DOES NOT EQUAL TO Happy New Year.

    I'm so so so so so embarassed la.

    I have been like wishing so many muslim friends happy new year and then NO ONE told me i'm wrong. felt so urgh.

    Ok, it's not them to be blamed. Just my not-understanding-something-before-saying mind again.

    I had wondered about The words Hari Raya for many years, but never asked anyone.
    Because i remember learning in Kindergarden that Hari is day/s and Tahun or something is Years.

    It doesn't really make sense that i wish someone "day" when i mean "year" u see?

    But i never asked =/

    Until today, i just anyhow-ly asked my classmate.
    They just told me that Hari Raya is mostly just celebrating the end of fasting.

    Not New year.

    Razali(my old old classmate) told me that he think Hari Raya Haji should be the "new year" i'm referring to.

    Well well. argh.

    I'm really sorry for the mis-wishing ya.

    REally ~


    Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends and their families ~


    Oh ya. My left wisdom tooth had stopped growing. (no more pain)
    I think i found out that, the tooth will grow, stop, grow, stop and grow.

    Anytime they like.

    Like today. My right jaw starts to hurt again.
    I actually thought it's because i bite my food too hard and all.

    ahh. I just found out just now when i'm brushing my teeths that,
    AHH . My Right wisdom tooth is continuing to grow.

    Haha. I'll have to endure the pain. grr. Again.

    Quite irritated too. But i read about wisdom tooth just now.
    Share it with u guys ya.

    What are wisdom teeth?

    Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars, located at the very back of the mouth. They are called wisdom teeth
    because usually they come in when a person is between 17 and 21 years or older—old enough to have gained some "wisdom."
    Wisdom teeth that are healthy and properly positioned do not cause problems.

    Sentence in red DOES make sense. ^^

    Sentence in blue seems to NOT make that much sense.

    Ok. it does make sense, so it's trying to say that my wisdom tooth are not healthy and not properly positioned so it caused problems.

    Yea. Most likely that way.

    Alot of causes, you can read it if you're interested.


    There are also symptoms.

    Wisdom teeth often cause no symptoms. Symptoms that may mean your wisdom teeth need to be removed include:

    Pain or jaw stiffness near an impacted tooth.

    Pain or irritation from a tooth coming in at an awkward angle and rubbing against your cheek, tongue, or top or bottom of the mouth.

    An infected swelling in the flap of gum tissue that has formed on top of an impacted tooth that has partially broken through the gum.

    Crowding of other teeth.

    Tooth decay or gum disease if there's not enough room to properly care for the wisdom tooth and surrounding teeth.

    - Most problems with wisdom teeth develop in people between the ages of 15 and 25. Few people older than 30 develop problems that require removal of their wisdom teeth.

    Ers. Why am i sharing all these ? I REALLY have no idea. But i think they are Quite useful to
    some extent =/

    Do read about it.

    Tomorow shall be a tired day. very tired day.

    Good night all !

    Oh ya. I'm having a terrible sore throat. =(
    And i'm staying alone for 3 days.

    so much for independent lifestyle.

    Treasure your time staying with your parents ok.
    Because, it's always better to have someone look after you than you looking after yourself.

    Like now, i wish my mum is by my side, tendering my throat and cooling my fever.
    Stay healthy everyone !

    Drink loads of water ! Don't fall sick !


    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;