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    Friday, 11 April 2008

    Now that school started, i realize i have more to shout about, to scream about, to cry about.

    During the holidays, i don't have to please people, i don't have to even try to make sure people are happy with me.

    Not happy NOt happy la.

    But now, i have to please my Facilitator, i have to make sure i get the grade from him/her.

    And it's not easy. And i don't like it. I bet many people don't like it.

    My lappie crashed at 1.45pm ! it's 15 mins before the presentation time.
    I'm doing the presentation. Like WTF ?

    so i reboot my com. It took 20 mins. I have no choice.
    So i told my faci that my com crashed. she's ok with it, so she say my team can present last.

    Ok. good. So i borrowed com from team mate to do it.

    done. everyone got their slides.

    then, i realize mine is wrong.

    so i re-did it. i re-do re-do and re-do.

    i tried so hard. very confusing you know. to make sure everything fall in place .

    So in the end i've manage to do so.
    So i uploaded it to LEO and ready to present.

    When my team start, i took my com to the presenting table, and BOOM.

    blackout. my lappie blackout. because i took out the battery just now and now gone.

    nice right ?

    i almost fainted. i caused so much trouble to my friends and all.
    i felt very guilty.

    it's ok. i asked my other team mate to download from LEO and then we present.

    Then the faci ask me to present while the com loading.
    I'm like WTF ?

    How i know what to present.

    Lucky i got the summary in my phone.

    So i just told the class the summary.

    Ok. good. now we present.

    Everything going smoothly.

    Other groups are bombed with Qns, our still alright.

    Then until my slide.. i tried so hard to explain.

    People understand.. Faci understand..

    Suddenly Faci tell me something's wrong.

    Hey, people, if you only see white rabbit before, ONLY white, in books, real experience, all white.
    Then someone tell you, NO, there are BLACK rabbits too.

    it's like so sudden, you didn't know. you never knew.
    so u insist that there are only white rabbits.

    IS THAT WRONG? is it wrong to believe urself and insist on something you know?

    she just kept shooting and shooting . saying that there're black rabbits too.

    then, i saw someone holding on to a black rabbit. THAT TIME, ONLY AT THAT TIME , then you know, you saw it, you know that there's black rabbits.

    And you admit, you're wrong at the start.

    Ok. what's the problem with insisting before u see it?

    I felt so stupid.
    It's so hard to get an A.

    well, that's me. To me, you don't have to always agree with someone, as long as you know you are clear, you can always disagree.

    What's wrong with that?

    It's only 1st week of sch re-open.
    I'm so tired of school.

    Why is everyday worse than the other ?

    fuck it already.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;