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    Saturday, 12 April 2008

    Saturday - 12/04/2008

    Ah. I'm Happy once again.

    Slept in till 4pm.

    My schedule for sleeping.

    School Days + Sunday : sleep 3 hours.
    Saturday : as long as possible . ( i always try to wake up just before my dad reach home. which is around.. 5pm.)

    However for today, My dad came home early, around 2pm.
    He kindly tied up all the curtains to let the LATE afternoon sunshine in.
    well, doesn't help. because i can sleep despite of that. HAHA.

    then, he came back at 2.30pm and took away my pillow.
    i roughly woke up at 2.32pm and snatched my sister's pillow off her bed and continued to sleep.

    At roughly 3pm, my dad off-ed my air-con and took away my sis's pillow.
    I used my boaster and continued to sleep.

    at 3.15pm, my dad took away my boaster.

    i continued to sleep.

    at 3.18pm, i switched on the fan.
    and continued to sleep.

    at 3.25pm, my dad purposely called my phone.
    SUPER NOISY LA. (yup, my ringtone is super noisy de)

    i switched off my phone and continued to sleep.

    at 3.30pm, my dad switched off the fan and switched on my phone.

    at 3.32pm, i opened one eye and look at him.

    at 3.33pm, i closed the eye and continue to sleep.

    at 3.45pm, he blasted the sound system with JAZZ music.


    I gave up. I woke up and i went to bathe.

    HAhaha. i cannot stand JAZZ. IT's not JAZZ, just the saxaphone.

    i don't know why, i cannot stand it. It always make me have headache and all.

    After i bathed, i went downstairs and saw my dad happily reading the newspaper,

    Then i asked him, if you want me to wake up, you could have just blast JAZZ in the first place right? ( he know i hate it )

    He replied : " I came home too early, and had nothing to do. So i was just trying to waste my time."

    i stoned.



    then, my bro's gf asked me to play mahjong. we played for roughly an hour,
    then it's time to prepare to go out for dinner and movie.

    Yup yup.

    watched - The 3 Kingdoms " just now.

    was nice. if you like China's history(2000 years ago), you might want to watch it.

    I believe not alot of people appreciate the history already.

    Some don't even know who is Liu Bei or Cao Cao.

    Hahaha. maybe those who plays "Dynasty Warriors" -psp,ps2,ps3- would know.

    Yea yea. that's pretty much what happened today.

    I call this, super nice saturday.
    don't have to spend a single cent, don't have to travel to sg, free shopping.

    yups. alright.

    3am now. Got to wake up real early tomorrow. sigh.
    I really should change my piano lesson to other timings.

    Yay, shall look forward to how my piano teacher scream at me tomorrow.
    i haven't practice piano for 2 weeks. ^^

    La La La ~
    Happy day everyone !


    ps. Happy Birthday, Ed.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;