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    Wednesday, 8 October 2008


    I shall explain how i injured myself and how serious it is. (as usual, in full details)

    I'm sitting in my room's living room this rainy afternoon with 2 boxes of tissue and one big plastic bag. Yes. I'm having bad bad flu.

    My mother had sent my brother to the clinic. My brother had gotten dengue fever with the temperature of 39.2 Degrees Celcius. Don't say it's not THAT high. Go check out what's dengue fever first okay. It's bloody dangerous can.

    I'm to cancel my kickboxing lesson + Piano lesson to stay home and 'look-after' the house. As the maid is in today, i've to open the door for her to leave the house and all.

    It so happenly that the house phone rang. And i stood up from my room's living room.
    Well. There's sofas, but i usually sit on the floor. I stood up and i think i pulled my right leg.
    Usually if i twist it, there'll be this.. "Clack" sound.

    Surprisingly, Nope. Nothing this time. So i thought it's just a stupid cramp.

    I sat at the sofa beside the phone and picked up the call. (outside my room)
    It was my AUNT. She asked me how's my mum's hair.


    She introduced my mum to HER hairdresser. And now my mum's hair is like.. My grandma's hair. REALLY. No wonder her hair is no better.

    Oh yea, for your info, she's the aunt that i really can't put myself to respect.
    IT's too hard to respect her. I don't even like her to start with. She and her big mouth.
    Whatever it is, it doesn't matter.

    So, i hung up the call, and stood up.
    WOAH. TOTALLY WTF again. I fell straight back on the sofa.
    Yes. Damn it, i totally twisted my right knee with FULL effort.

    Luckily ! LUCKY LUCKILY, This time, i'm fully prepared.
    I slowly dragged myself to my room and took out the "Japanese Bandage" that is supposedly bought for my dearest ZOE for Praque trip and band camps..
    I applied the bandage and put on my knee guard. and i half-limped to my sofa.

    Totally spoilt my mood for posting as that was what i'm planning to do before the phone rang.
    I took my mobile phone and called my sister. To ask if she can come home and send me to the clinic. (I didn't want to let my mum know. She's already so stressed out about my brother's dengue.) Sister can't. So i called my Dad. FOR THE FIRST TIME I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO SHOUT AT ME.. But nope. HE just said:"Lucky you didn't fell down the stairs."

    HAHA. It might sound mean to some of you, but that's my dad. He and his sarcastic comments. HAHAHA.

    Just as i hung up the call with my dad, my mum called.

    "Hello, Qi, can you please cook dinner today?"
    "ermmm. I can't walk down the stairs.."
    "I injured my knee."
    "-toooooot tooooot tooooot-" she hung up.


    The best way to stop the pain and all is to sleep.
    The more i walk, the more painful it gets, the more serious it gets.

    So i slept.
    Until about 6.30pm, my dad came home and we set off to the clinic.

    The moment i enter the clinic, the doctor smiled at me.
    "Don't visit me too regular okay.."

    Yes.. blah blah blah. This year 2nd time only wad... zzz.
    For the past 5 years, I'm his regular customer. Regular as in a few times a year.
    Doesn't it sound bad enough? LOL. (compared to zoe, not really.)

    He took off my japanese bandage and one touch, BINGO.
    Perfect painful spot. I was screaming like some weird crazy kid and the doctor is smiling.
    He's really ..grrr.

    "Your left joint tore again."

    "HUH? orh.."

    Then he touched the other side..

    "Your right joint tore also."

    "HUH?! ahh. okay.."

    My Dad : " She every few months will injure one leh.."
    Doc : " She lucky already. This kind of case, usually is everyday also injure one."

    Me : " zzzzzzzz "

    After that.. The doctor continue to explore places around my right knee. Press here, press there..

    Then he asked me to turn over; lie flat.

    (Double screams..)

    "Your back joint also tore.."

    "HUH, den i no more joint la?"

    "Got.. Middle lo. Abit left. All gone den u cannot walk liao lo, ah girl."

    Honestly, I didn't expect it to be THIS serious. I thought it was like my usual twists, Apply medi, rub rub.. 3-4 days den ok liao de.

    It's not THAT pain. Not like last time..
    So i asked the doc how come not so pain but so jialat.

    Doctor says:" Cos last time all healthy, den tore the left joint severely ma. Now is, LEft joint haven't recover, only add on right joint and back joint lo."

    If you understand, you understand. I think i roughly get it.

    Then my dad ask him how to recover faster.
    Doctor:" *laugh* you think so easy meh? Michael Owen go for operation leh. Operation expensive la. 1 week come here 3 times lo, Massage abit, let the muscle around the knee strengthen.. should be better in 6 months."

    ......... 6 months.

    Since 5 years ago, all the doctors had been talking about 6 months..
    How many more 6 months? Sigh.

    Where got time for 3 times a week?
    My piano lesson also 3 times a week.
    My kickboxing lesson already reduce to 1 time a week already.
    Band prac is now 4 times a week.

    Hai. Life is beautiful, but so tough.

    Honestly, I'm fine.
    I'm just having bad flu and a badly injured knee.
    Other than that, i'm perfectly alright.

    There're things you know you have to do, but you just can't. And no one understands.
    Can i skip band practice tomorrow?

    No i can't. But i have to. Possible?

    NOW, I can't go for kickboxing lesson, i can't drive, i can't walk that much.
    I don't know what else i can do. HA Ha HA.. play game. =)

    Alright. There you go. Full detailed story of my life today.
    Kinda dull. But still, haha. a long post indeed.

    Rachael's birthday is coming up and the girls are planning on a stayover this weekend.
    I was eager for it at first. But now, it's not like i wanted all these to happen. Sigh..

    The only few reasons that i have to be in school tomorrow..

    -Return Naf her laptop adaptor.
    -Go see PP gallery.


    Sigh. What a day. Good night.

    - I guess this is a beautiful mistake too... ;